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Saturday, 1 May 2010


The BBC's live election blog continues to foreground tweeters and have-your-sayers from the Left. Complete with my guesses as to which party they will be voting for - and the odd heckle or two -, here are all of the examples from yesterday (excluding party politicians):

2211: LongJumpKonan writes: This debate was very interesting because they revealed some aspects of what they want to do if they become prime minister. Gordon Brown seemed very sensible to me because in such difficult times it is important that the leader of the country is skilled and experienced. Nick Clegg seemed also fairly acceptable to me and what he said made sense. Only David Cameron didn't convince me because he contradicted himself many times during the debate.Have Your Say LABOUR

2054: deemiller writes: I believed in Gordon Brown, he was informative on all issues, and I really believe this man is the one to steer us through the economic recovery. Nick Clegg said he would give everyone a £10,000 tax allowance per annum, but he wasn't very clear about what percent he would put on the rest of one's income, or how many tiers of tax there would be. As for David Cameron, I remember it was the Conservatives who put an end to apprenticeships and instead created the dreaded YTS which was a total disaster. On May 6th I will be voting LABOUR - common sense (sic) must prevail. Have Your Say LABOUR

(Following the Guardian coming out for the Lib Dems and the Times coming out for the Conservatives:)
2044: axelsegebrecht from Woking, UK tweets: Should the media be taking sides? (Aw, diddums) Read axelsegebrecht's tweets LABOUR

1845: jml1970 writes: Will be interesting to see how UKIP and BNP poll this time, since immigration has become more of an issue than the politicos expected. None of Tories/Labour/Lib Dems has any policies beyond fiddling around the edges, and UKIP/BNP are now the only parties which reflect the views of those with a fairly robust anti-immigration stance. Have Your Say ????

1653: Michael Tew, from Sheringham, Norfolk, writes: In all the debate so little has been said about Afghanistan. Why should we succeed where 113,000 Russians failed? It is not our war and our presence is likely to incite acts of terrorism here. How many millions and, more importantly, dozens of lives would be saved by our withdrawal?Have Your Say RESPECT

1631: Kevin Wu, from London, writes: The UK election seems fairly undemocratic because Labour could have the third of the votes and the most seats in the House and because if I am in a very safe seat my vote counts for nothing if I choose an alternative party. However, I like having an MP for my constituency as it gives a clear link from the House to the public. Have Your Say CONSERVATIVE

1516: NewViking writes: How far back do Mr Griffin and his followers have to go before they find an immigrant in their own families? Not far I would think. Have Your Say ????

1331: Synthjock tweets: On the evidence of last night, Tories are targeting the 'bigot vote'. Feeling strong compulsion to emigrate.
(Don't let us stop you!) Read Synthjock's tweets LABOUR

1302: Protest Voter writes: All the election coverage is now of no interest to me - I have already submitted my postal vote. Rather than squander my democratic right on any of the candidates, I decided to undertake the only sensible option: I have voted for nobody, I spoiled my ballot paper.Have Your Say NOBODY

1246: Suumac tweets: Not sure having Blair on the Labour trail is a good thing...too many raw feelings still associated with his name. Read Suumac's tweets ????

1035: Bertie Hanson writes: I am most definitely not changing my voting preference. It's Labour. I come from near Rochdale, and I sincerely hope that no-one is diverted by the 'bigot' reports. I don't mean to offend, but bigotry is alive and well in this country.
(I don't mean to offend either, but so is stupidity). Let's see the debate turn to the economy. Much respect on that to Gordon Brown. (Spent all of our money like there was no tomorrow, raided and ruined our pensions, sold our gold at bargain basement prices, left us without adequate resources when the economic crisis struck, borrowed like a wild gambler in good times and bad, saddled us - not him, us! - with a national debt of unprecedent scariness, leaving us at risk of losing credibility with the international markets at best and national bankruptcy at worst, and guaranteeing that we taxpayers will be paying off his debts for at least a decade. Yes Bertie, much respect to Gordon Brown on that.)Have Your Say (I just have!) LABOUR

1025: Phil from Abingdon writes: I am still a very undecided voter.
(Jesus wept again!) All I know is that I intend to vote in this election. I am not alone among my peers - for the first time since I can remember (I am 31) everyone is talking about the election. Go into any pub or coffee bar and it is the primary topic of conversation.Have Your Say DUNNO

1009: Duncan from Bristol writes: As a 29 year old living in Bristol, which is a very liberal city, I feel the Liberal Democrats have been seriously underestimated. I think we're set to see a very large turn out on polling day, particularly from people under 30. I certainly will be voting LibDems both for my MP and local councillor.Have Your Say LIB DEM

0945: MichaelBoyd from Grantham writes: I was going to vote for Lib Dems but last night's debate has convinced me to back the Tories. Clegg has run out of steam and the thought of having Gordon Brown as prime minister unelected once may be regarded as a misfortune; to have him unelected twice just looks like carelessness.Have Your Say CONSERVATIVE

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