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Friday, 21 May 2010


Labour MP, and joint chair (hopefully not bought from John Lewis at our expense) of the Unite parliamentary group, Jim Sheridan was on Today this morning bellyaching about Ipsa (the "vindictive" Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority). James Naughtie was quick to "make it clear that this (the complaint against Ipsa) comes from all parties". Mr Sheridan got a sympathetic hearing. And more than that, he was extended a courtesy which I suspect might not have been extended to a Conservative MP with a comparable expenses record - Naughtie chose not to bring up any of his controversial expense claims - the plasma TV, the coffee table, the ivory leather bed, the Memory foam mattress, the new shower (etc), not to mention his enthusiastic use of the second home's allowance. He was also a very strong supporter of Speaker Martin, the Chief Trougher who famously fought tooth and nail against Freedom Of Information campaigners.
A new parliament, but not a new MP and not a new story.


  1. The BBC have consistently failed to point out that by far the worst offenders were Labour politicians. If you simply listened to BBC broadcasts you would think it was the Tories.

  2. Craig, Some Beeboids must know about your blog. Have you ever had any contact or have any ever posted here ?

  3. Curiously not Grant. Guests and interviewees on BBC programmes have occasionally commented (always interestingly), but no-one from the BBC has commented yet. All the exchanges I've had with them have been through their complaints system, which (as you know) is hardly a rewarding experience!

    Once, early on, when I used to google my blog name to get back into it, I spotted that it stuck on one of my shortest and least informative posts about Paddy O'Connell (the presenter of 'Broadcasting House'), so I suspected I might just have had a sly visit from him at least.

    I also suspect, if only from his use of the word 'hyperbole' recently (which he completely mispronounced!) that I may have been dropped in on by a certain Norman Smith. I often use the word 'hyperbole' in connection with Norm, who always hugely overstates his case (as he himself might put it!)

    That's as near as I've (possibly) got!

  4. Craig,

    That is interesting. I guess in BBCspeak hyperbole is pronounced in the US fashion " Hyper bowl " as in "Super Bowl "

    I suspect that they are aware that you exist and maybe have just decided to ignore it.

    I have never tried the BBC complaints system, a combination of laziness on my part and perceived futility.

    I do tend towards paranoia sometimes, but are your computer back-up systems OK ? Have you heard of the "Dropbox system" ? Difficult for the BBC to get into that !

  5. PS I wasn't intentionally punning on "dropped in " !

    It is at and is free. My computer guru clients use it and I have had no problems. Also it is instant and automatic. Once you are on the system, you don't have to press any buttons.

  6. Jim Naughtie goes easy on labour MP; I am surprised!

  7. Grant, that's exactly how Norm pronounced it! Thanks for the suggestions. Given that my access to the BBC vanished for a few days, I am ever so slightly inclined towards paranoia too!

    Also, nothing better than an unintentional pun!

    Not a sheep, yes it was more a case of 'Dog bites man' than 'man bites dog'!

  8. Craig,
    Actually, I have just discovered that Dropbox won't work with websites. There are alternatives. I'll let you know if I find out more.

  9. One way to reduce the license fee would be to force the Labour Party to actually pay for BBC programmes that produce its propaganda.

    The TODAY programme should routinely be referred to in the press as 'the BBC's left-wing morning news programme'.


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