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Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Reading yesterday's BBC's internet election blog was like reading Tass from thirty years ago (and yes Gordon Brezhnev is still fighting fit and beloved of the people).
Anyhow, here is yesterday's tally of the number of posts on the BBC's live election blog that report comments (direct/indirect quotations) from party politicians:
Mon 3/5
Labour - 22
Lib Dems - 16
Conservatives - 13
SNP - 1
Plaid Cymru - 1
DUP - 1
BNP - 1
English Democrats - 1
The screw is tightening. Nothing from UKIP for three days running now.
Now for the running total for the whole campaign. How do things stand after 27 days?
Labour - 678
Conservatives - 528
Lib Dems - 449
SNP - 72
UKIP - 38
Plaid Cymru - 38
Greens - 29
BNP - 22
DUP - 8
Independents - 4
English Democrats - 3
Independent Network - 2
Mebyon Kernow - 2
Christian Peoples Alliance - 2
Monster Raving Loony - 1
Communist Party - 1
Sinn Fein - 1
Socialist Labour - 1
Liberal - 1
Christian Party - 1
Respect - 1
Social Democrats - 1
SDLP - 1
UUP - 1


  1. The people at UKIP must be livid, only half the coverage on the Live Event Blog than that of the SNP, and on a par with Plaid. I guess the BBC will argue that in "General Election" terms UKIP are a minor party? I guess we'll just have to wait until the next Euro's and see if they get the prime coverage (albit on a smaller scale)that a major party deserves?

    UKIP present a clear and present danger to all that the beeboids hold dear, and so it is no surprise that they recieve scant coverage.

  2. How starnge that the BBC news channel chooses to cut across live to the 5live, where Lord Pearson is guesting on the Nicky Campbell show - and they cut across just at the point where Pearson is having a lively debate with a muslim woman. 9.15 onwards......

  3. Craig,
    Great to see the number of comments on your blog on the increase. The word is out !

  4. As I've said before, I rarely venture over to the BBC's webpage, however, spurred on by one of the headline stories covered in all the papers and on Sky, that a Labour PPC had branded Brown "the worst PM ever", I ventured over there to see how they would spin it.

    Seems the BBC didn't think that this was a headline story and tucked it well down on their "Election 2010" page.
    No. The BBC put as their headline story on their main UK News page "Ministers call for tactical voting" and, by implication given its prominent dispaly, you could say "Ministers AND the BBC call for tactical voting"
    It has become so blunderingly obvious that the BBC's website is beyond redemption in the impartial stakes.

    Update: Having got back from dropping my little angel off at school to see that the BBC have amended the headline. Seems Gordon has been in touch with the BBC to say that the two ministers in question, the odious Balls and the excretiable Hain are off message.
    The headline is now "Tactical voting call criticised.

    There is something on the horizon, and given your prodigious efforts in monitoring the BBC, you may not have seen it Craig.
    Yesterday the Times were reporting that there is a 1.5 billion shortfall in the BBC pension pot. Money is already being diverted from the TV tax revenue to try and plug it. There is potential here, given the economic hurricane coming, for the BBC to make an unacceptable pratfall.

    Andy C

  5. Lloyd, that wouldn't be the first time they've set up someone from UKIP with a hostile Muslim woman. There have been two others at least within the last few months.

    Given that UKIP got over 16% of the vote at the EURO elections, more than Labour and the Lib Dems, they should - you would think - get
    a huge amount of coverage next time round. I suspect they won't.

  6. Thanks Grant. You, Andy and Anonymous have been my bedrocks. I am ever grateful.

  7. Andy C
    The repulsive Douglas Alexander on the Daily Politics yesterday, lying through his teeth, denied it was a call for tactical voting.
    Andrew Neil ripped him to shreds, it was wonderful !

  8. Grant

    There's rumours that Dimblebore is going to quit QT and that Andrew Neil is in the running.
    Is that true?? If so I might, just might, use my proxy IP to bypass the BBC's blocks and watch it again.

    Last night we watched the Canadian version of the BBC, CBC, reporting on the UK general election.
    Now who do you think this protege of the BBC would choose to get an opinion from.

    None other than Polly Toynbee.
    Even my placid, middle of the road, wife burst out in derisive laughter.

    Andy C

  9. AndyC

    I haven't heard that rumour but, if true , it would be excellent. My fear is that David Dimblebore would be relaced by his brother or, worse still, Andrew Marr !


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