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Saturday, 15 May 2010


Another evolving angle on the BBC's attack on the new government has been to highlight the opposition to the coalition from Lib Dem supporters. This has already been noticed by several commentators on the B-BBC website.
Just considering the Today programme, the obvious point to make here is that Today has shown itself not to be interested in finding out how Conservative supporters are reacting to having to share power with the Lib Dems - even though there are three million more of them than their are Lib Dem voters. Not one report on Today this week has looked at that angle. Why not?
Here's all there has been:
MON 10/5
What do Liberal Democrat members make of the negotiations with the Conservatives to form a coalition? Justin Webb reports from St Albans, where the battle for the parliamentary seat saw the Lib Dems jumping Labour to take second place.
WED 12/5
The Liberal Democrats have taken up four cabinet posts and their leader Nick Clegg is David Cameron's deputy in the new coalition government. Today presenter Justin Webb investigates how the Lib Dems feel about the new alliance.
SAT 15/5
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg will address a special conference of his Liberal Democrat party this weekend in an effort to get members to endorse the coalition deal with the Tories. Many members have threatened to leave the party over the deal. Nick Starling a party member, and Simon Hughes MP and former president of the party, analyse how members have reacted to party's new relationship with the Tories.
Now, as Laban has posted, at B-BBC, Dan Hannan notes that the BBC are interested in hearing from right-wing Conservative politicians:

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  1. To the BBC , all Conservative supporters are scum and have views that are not worth discussing. Surely all LibDem supporters must be feeling sick to the teeth (like the BBC) that the LibDems have put an 'evil Toty' government into power. The BBC will step up their attacks on the Conservative/LibDem government week after week until Labour are back in power.


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