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Saturday, 1 May 2010


Before I move on from yesterday's BBC internet election coverage, here's a post from the BBC's polling expert last night:
2205: Two of the latest polls show that only 5% separates the parties in first and third place, while in the other the gap is just 4%, says David Cowling, editor of BBC political research. "All three polls keep this election firmly in hung parliament territory, with Labour the largest party," he says. "It is still a genuinely close three-horse race."

And that was it for last night on the polls.

This puzzles me because there were (as far as I can see) only two polls last night, and neither bares any resemblance to the figures Mr Cowling is describing:

Conservatives - 33
Lib Dems - 32
Labour - 24

Conservative - 34
Labour - 28
Lib Dems - 28

What on earth is going on here?
The BBC blog this morning isn't mentioning any of those polls but, surprise surprise, it has already found space for this:

0843: Former Labour spin doctor Charlie Whelan tweets some good news for the party in Wales: Western Mail poll in Wales. Lab 37.5 Tories 23.5 Libs 21 Read Charlie Whelan's tweets


  1. Agreed about the only two polls published on that date.

    Indeed, the only recent polls with a 4% Con-Lab lead were both published three days before (YouGov and ComRes) and three others came out after those two and before the two you quoted above.

    That just has to be deliberate dishonesty on the BBC's part.

  2. John, yes. It's either that or spectacular incompetence!

  3. Desperate times for the bbc.
    They want to leave a sinking ship and try to save their incompetent souls, but have not the courage to do so.
    Tickets for the Titanic anyone?


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