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Sunday, 2 May 2010


Sunday morning on Radio 4 means Broadcasting House (aka Gordcasting House). As a taster, here's a comment from the B-BBC blogsite:

Steve Munslow
Might be worth listening to Broadcasting House tomorrow morning. I just heard a preview at the beginnng of Loose Ends:
"Politics - and we'll ask if ill-informed voters have a right to be heard". Yes, literally. I can't think what might have inspired this.

Sunday morning on BBC 1 means Andrew Marr. This week it's David Cameron. Last week, following Marr's past record and basing it on my breakdown of his latest interviews with Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg, I made the following predictions:
1. That much more time will be spent this week on serious policy subjects.
2. That there will be many more subjects discussed, allowing Marr to swoop, attack then fly off onto something different, thus denying Mr Cameron the chance to expand on his explanations.
3. That Marr will spend most time discussing spending cuts - the topic he didn't discuss with Messers Brown and Clegg - banging away at exactly how much will be cut, where will it be cut from, how many jobs will be lost, etc.
4. That this interview will result in a higher interruption coefficient than the ones for Brown (1) and Clegg (1.4).
It's entirely in Andrew Marr's hands to prove me wrong on all four counts.
I could add a couple more of course:
5. That Marr will bring up Cameron's posh background & 6. return to the subject of Lord Ashcroft, but I suspect that this time he won't be that shameless!


  1. Craig,

    You have the gift of prophecy


  2. Gave BH a little time this am. We had lefty heavyweights Peter Hennessey & old syphilis nose, Anthony Howard recalling elections past. Callaghan & Wilson were fab. Home was a grotesque & they couldn't utter Thatcher's name.

    That was followed by a newspaper review. Arch lefty journalist John Sergeant, former Labour parliamentary candidate & BBC face, John O'Farrell & actress Jenny Seagrove. I switched off after the introductions, before hearing that Seagrove may have been as left as the other 3 (inc Paddy). Wiki tells me Jenny is an animal rights activist & vegetarian so probably Green rather than Labour, but still left.

    The BBC obviously really don't feel the need to observe neutrality, do they?


  3. Thank you Ctesibius.
    I've think I'm only a partly reliable Oracle of Delphi though!


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