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Sunday, 5 July 2009


The Welsh counterpart to 'The Politics Show' is 'Dragon's Eye,' which can be seen nationwide on the BBC's Parliament channel at 4.30 pm on Sundays. It's hosted by the excitable Adrian Masters - a man who likes to interrupt, especially Conservatives.

This week's programme began with a segment that examined a new expenses scam - the way MPs and AMs (Welsh Assembly Members) have been using huge sums of taxpayers' money to pay rent on properties which their political parties already own, rent that is often well above the market price. In other words, they are making us pay for political parties. Labour has claimed £85,000, the Conservatives £57,000, Plaid Cymru £54,000 and the Liberal Democrats £46,000.

Brian Meechin's report began with the stock BBC expenses images - the Tory duckhouse, the Tory moat (complete with film of Douglas Hogg) and Labour's Hazel Blears (for 'balance'). Par for the course.

Next came a review of each party in turn &, again, bias is suggested by how much time is devoted to their dodgy deeds:
Labour 38 seconds
Plaid Cymru 29 seconds
Conservatives 1 minute 6 seconds
Lib Dems 52 seconds
Given the amounts claimed, are these figures proportionate?

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