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Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Who thought it was a good idea to invite 2 Liberal Democrats onto 'The Daily Politics' today to discuss the phone-hacking allegations against the 'News of the World'?

Andrew Neil jointly interviewed Simon Hughes MP and Brian Paddick (failed Lib Dem candidate for London mayor). Hughes got 5 minutes 20 to speak (I.C. 0.4) & Paddick 2 minutes 45 (I.C. o.4).

Brian Paddick is becoming quite a regular on the BBC. Only counting the programmes I review on this blog (see 'Interruption Coefficients - a guide' for the list), he has appeared, discussing this story, on:

Newsnight 7.7.09
World Tonight 9.7.09
Newsnight 9.7.09
Daily Politics 14.07.09

The BBC sometimes seems to have a very small political address book.

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  1. Is Paddick invited on because he is a Lib Dem or an ex-copper. Or could it be that it is because he is a partisan ex-copper. If they wanted a police angle why not invite a non-partisan ex-copper? Well we know why really.


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