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Monday, 20 July 2009


Take a look through the members of the Labour group in the European Parliament (the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats) and you find Direction-Social Democracy (SMER) from Slovakia. This party is led by a left-wing populist, Robert Fico. Following the 2006 Slovak general election, this ex-Communist led SMER into coalition government with the People's Party of the deeply unpleasant Vladimir Meciar and, worse still, with the Slovak National Party (SNS) of the even more unpleasant Jan Slota, a man with a violent criminal past and views that would make Nick Griffin blush. The SNS is violently anti-Roma, hysterically anti-Hungarian and strongly anti-homosexual. Slota himself has fulsomely praised Jozef Tiso, the wartime ruler of fascist Slovakia. Its logo is pictured above. Does it remind you of anything?

Why does the Labour Party sit with SMER, a party that considers such extremists worthy partners in government? Why hasn't the BBC hammered the Labour Party for allowing SMER to remain in the European Socialist group? Why is the BBC silent over this unholy alliance? Where's Adam Easton? Where's Ray Furlong? Come on Shaun Ley, sink your fangs into this story!

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