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Friday, 31 July 2009


Like its 'Politics Show' siblings, the Welsh programme 'Dragon's Eye' (broadcast on the BBC Parliament channel on Sundays) finished early this month, but it lingered on a little longer so there are a few more figures for its over-enthusiastic presenter, Adrian Masters. He conducted interviews with 7 politicians this month.

Here then are July interruption coefficients for Adrian Masters:

Andrew R.T. Davies, Conservative (5/7) - 2.5
Helen Mary Jones, Plaid Cymru (5/7) - 2.3
John Griffiths, Labour (5/7) - 2.3
Angela Burns, Conservative (19/7) - 2.2
Rodney Burman, Lib Dems (19/7) - 1.6
Kirsty Williams, Lib Dems (5/7) - 0.7
Edwina Hart, Labour (19/7) - 0.7

Average number of interruptions for each political party:
Conservatives - 2.4
Plaid Cymru - 2.3
Labour - 1.5
Lib Dems - 1.2

Comparisons with last month's figures are not particularly useful, as I only began reviewing the programme half way through the month, & there were very few interviews with politicians, but the two there were are suggestive of ongoing bias, being a 2.2 for Conservative Jonathan Morgan and a 0.5 for Labour's Carwyn Jones. Moreover, please click on the label for Dragon's Eye for further evidence. More figures when the programme returns with a sun tan will clarify matters.

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