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Saturday, 25 July 2009


Genial left-winger Gavin Esler was on biased form again on last night's 'Newsnight'.

Discussing the results of the Norwich North by-election, he interviewed Labour's Ben Bradshaw (ex-Beeboid) and Labour's Charles Clarke, as well as the Conservative Grant Shapps.

The Interruption Coefficients are absolutely clear-cut:

Grant Shapps, 2.4
Ben Bradshaw, 0.0
Charles Clarke, 0.0

To flesh this out, here are their respective timings:

Shapps, 2 minutes 53 seconds
Bradshaw, 3 minutes 45 seconds
Clarke, 6 minutes 12 seconds

And here are the number of interruptions:

Shapps, 6
Bradshaw, 0
Clarke, 0

And all this is before we even consider the content of Esler's questions and the tone of each interview!

Could the bias be any clearer?

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