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Monday, 20 July 2009


Taking another look at Labour's European allies we find the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP). This is the successor to the Bulgarian Communist Party. Its leader is Sergei Stanishev.

Describing Bulgaria's first gay pride parade, Mr Stanishev said that he didn't approve of "the manifestation and demonstration of such orientations".

What would Denis McShane, the Europhile Labour MP who has been leading the ongoing assault on the Conservative Party and its European allies - charging them with 'homophobia' - make of Mr Stanishev's anti-gay comments? What what the BBC's Ray Furlong and Adam Easton, both fresh from their assaults on alleged 'homophobic' comments by Polish and Lithuanian conservatives, make of Mr Stanishev's anti-gay comments? Surely, they would all be outraged and demand that the 'socially liberal' Labour Party disassociate themselves from the BSP. They wouldn't want to be accused of double-standards, would they? Or bias?
What are they waiting for?

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