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Wednesday, 22 July 2009


It's funny how the left-wing BBC drops labels when it isn't convenient - and how only a little research (on Wikipedia) can catch them at it.

Their 'Romanian mayor in Nazi dress row story' tells us of a 'Romanian mayor' who has been 'strongly criticised by Jewish groups after appearing dressed in a Nazi uniform at a local fashion show.'

Is Radu Mazare an 'ultra-nationalist', or a 'far-right' politician? Is he a conservative or a liberal?
The BBC report does not say - unusually. That raised my suspicions.

If you look Mazare up on Wikipedia, guess what? He's a member of the Social Democratic Party (heirs to the old Romanian Communist Party) - a party that sits with the Socialist group of MEPs and an ally of the British Labour Party.

It wouldn't do to mention that, would it Beeboids?

Does anyone imagine that the BBC would not have mentioned Mr Mazare's political affiliations had he been politically to the right of centre?

Just imagine the fuss had he been a member of, say, the Polish Law and Justice Party (allied to the Conservatives) or the Dutch Christian Union (affiliated to UKIP). There would have been a feeding-frenzy and the associated British political party would have been caught up in it.

Such double-standards are exasperating.

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