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Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Palab Gosh, one of the BBC environment correspondents, reported on today's 'PM' about the Food Standards Agency's large-scale study into organic foods, which found that there was no evidence of greater health benefits from eating 'organic' foods than from eating conventional foods. Gosh interviewed one of the report's authors before talking to Lord Peter Melchett of the pro-'organic' Soil Association. Melchie wasn't impressed, unsurprisingly. The scientists may have comprehensively reviewed 55 previous studies but this doesn't add up to a row of beans for him. He wants more studies, and if they show no evidence in favour of the health benefits of organic foods you can bet your bottom euro that his lordship will want even more studies, and so on and so on and so on...

My main grouse about Gosh's interview with Lord Melchett was the standard of his questions:

"Their research didn't take into account the impact of pesticides and herbicides. Is that something that concerns you about their study?"

Can you guess what happened next? Melchie said, "Yes it does." Well blow me down with a feather! Who would have expected that?!

If you thought that was a no-brainer, try this one:

"What would your advice be to people who are thinking about buying organic food, whether for nutritional value or otherwise?"

Feathers at the ready, because Lord Melchett of the pro-organic Soil Association's advice was that people should certainly buy organic food because it's better than conventional food...and gave a little list of these alleged benefits.


If you thought that suggests bias in favour of organic farming, you should click on the BBC news weblink to this story and listen to the featured vox-pops.
Every single one of these ignoramuses is in favour of organic foods.

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