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Wednesday, 15 July 2009


How the elderly (us now, or us in the future) are looked after was discussed on last night's 'The World Tonight'. The issue is an involving one - for all of us. This blog's main concern is in tracking BBC bias, so this post doesn't discuss the issue of care for the elderly, only the treatment of the issue by the BBC.

Again, the BBC's institutional bias towards the Left becomes apparent, despite the semblance of balance.

The first segment of the programme's package was an interview with former Scottish first minister, Labour's Henry McLeish. Then comes Stephen Burke of 'Counsel and Care', an organisation close to the Labour government (and keen on 'social insurance' and 'central taxation'). Finally comes a discussion between Right and Left, with Labour Party NEC member Tony Robinson (aka Baldrick) and Patrick Nolan of the centre-right think-tank Reform.

So, a balanced debate between Right and Left? Hardly.

The 3 voices of the Left got 6 minutes 33 airtime.
The 1 voice of the Right got 1 minute 51 airtime.

At least, the Right did get some say!!

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