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Saturday, 25 July 2009


When UKIP manages to get interviewed on one of the major current affairs programmes (and since coming second in the European elections it's only happened twice!) UKIP is treated far less respectfully than the Greens (who did far less well). This is clearly shown by the Interruption Coefficients:


Daily Politics, 14.07.09, Anita Anand, Glen Tingle, 2.8
Today. 8.6.09, Sarah Montague, Nigel Farage, 1.6
Newsnight, 3.6.09, Emily Maitlis, Nigel Farage, 1.5
World this Weekend, 12.7.09, Shaun Ley, Nigel Farage, 0.5
(but click on 'SHAUN LEYBERAL' to the right to read more about the dramatic bias contained
in this low-scoring dual-interview)


Today, 3.6.09, James Naughtie, Caroline Lucas, 0.7
Westminster Hour, 5.7.09, Carolyn Quinn, Caroline Lucas, 1.5
Newsnight, 7.7.09, Emily Maitlis, Jenny Jones, 0.0
Daily Politics, 14.07.09, Anita Anand, Rupert Read, 0.0
Today, 6.7.09, Evan Davis, Jenny Jones 0.0

Will we ever hear a UKIP spokeman being interviewed without being constantly interrupted? Will we ever hear a Green spokespersonage being interviewed in a challenging way? On the Biased BBC, it's unlikely.

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