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Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Last month I pledged to eat my hat if proof didn't arise from the I.C.s for pro-left bias from Carolyn Quinn. My hat's fate is still in the balance as Carolyn was off for most of August & what few interviews she did are not conclusive either way:

Janet Anderson, Labour (2/8) - 0.8
David Cameron, Conservative (2/8) - 0.8
Alison Seabeck. Labour (9/8) - 0.8
Evan Harris. Lib Dem (2/8) - 0.5
Dan Hannan, Conservative (9/8) - 0.4
Evan Harris. Lib Dem (9/8) - 0.4
Angela Eagle, Labour (8/8) - 0

Average number of interruptions per political party:
Conservative - 0.6
Labour - 0.5
Lib Dem - 0.5

Every month so far though the same rankings have been achieved, so the suggestion of bias remains strong. Moreover, please click on the label for Carolyn Quinn or, better still, on the link provided below for a discussion of Janet Anderson's high score and why all is not as it seems:

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