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Sunday, 6 September 2009


Nigel Farage got longer to speak on Friday's Today - over five minutes in fact. Interviewed by Sarah Montague, he was only interrupted 3 times (I.C. of 0.7).

Questions of bias arise, however, because of Sarah Montague's bizarre sniggering.

I'll transcribe what Nigel was saying & place his interviewer's sniggers in context. Give it a listen (via the link provided) and see what you think.

"As UKIP's grown, it's really become just too difficult, the party's now become too big (snigger) to do two jobs." (0.53 into the Today clip)

"Let's use the election in Buckingham to have a proper national debate about how (snigger) we're governed." (2.26 into the Today clip)

"I will be the parliamentary leader. I intend and (snigger) want to stay on as spokesman."
(5.13 into the Today clip)
Shortly after this final snigger, Sarah interrupted with "You're not standing down as anything!" and burst out laughing.

By contrast, though a shorter interviewer (lasting only 2 mins 51), Sarah Montague's interview with Green leader Caroline Lucas contained no interruptions and no sniggering.

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