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Thursday, 17 September 2009


And on it goes (as predicted yesterday)...
The Today programme website has this blurb: "US President Barack Obama does not believe current criticism of his policies is based on the colour of his skin, the White House has said. North America editor Mark Mardell visits South Carolina to gauge reaction to the outburst in Congress against Mr Obama that led to the rebuke of Republican lawmaker Joe Wilson."
Mardell's report can be found here:

What a surprise that Mardell rushed down to South Carolina! What a shame Obama pulled the rug out from under him! Still, as Mardell had taken all that trouble to get down there, why not run with the story anyhow?!

Even handed? Well, he gave both sides a voice - two black supporters of Obama, two white opponents of Obama (though the former got longer to speak) - but see how he undermines one of the 'conservatives':
"There's no doubt some conservatives feel personally affronted. This man, eating his lunch in a diner surrounded by Confederate memorabia, says no past president knows what's in his heart."
How convenient that this man was eating in a diner surrounded by Confederate memorabia. A 'good old boy', I think Mardell wants us to safely assume.
Expect much, much, much more of this from Mark Mardell and co.

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