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Sunday, 20 September 2009


The main interview on today's The Politics Show was a far-from-tough interview with Labour's Ed Balls. Conducted by a more-hands-off-than-usual Jon Sopel, the interview allowed Brown's most black-hearted henchman bags of opportunities to attack the Tories - something Balls is always keen to do (so keen it often makes him seem more like an over-excited 9 year old boy than a grown-up politician).
Sopel's other interviewee, receiving an even gentler stroking from his interviewer, was another Labour Party politician, former Defence secretary Des Browne. He was on to talk about nuclear disarmament (in the wake of more rhetoric from the heaven-sent Barack Obama).
The Politics Show shows other BBC current affairs programmes just how to do it, when it comes to being biased. Do it loud and do it proud!

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