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Wednesday, 2 September 2009


The BBC looks to be finally shifting some of the attention away from the SNP and onto Labour over their peculiar relations with Libya and their evasiveness over the release of al Megrahi - if this morning's Today is anything to go by. (Last night's Newsnight, in contrast, was still fixing most of its focus on the SNP, with the returning Jeremy Paxman scoring a whopping I.C. of 2.6 against Alex Salmond.)
Kudos to Evan Davis for training his fire so effectively on David Miliband. At one point Evan got so worked up I thought he was going to have to blow into a paper bag! The interview scored an I.C. of 1.1.

No kudos to Jim Naughtie though. If Evan was fiery, Naughtie was icy in his interview with David Cameron. (It's a wonder Cameron didn't catch frostbite). Megrahi/Libya was again the topic and an I.C. of 0.8 was scored.

Naughtie also interviewed a couple of Labour politicians, with predictable results - a puny 0.3 for his climate change-based interview with Ed Miliband (who is visiting India and Bangladesh) & an even more puny 0 for his interview about MOD systems/air accidents with defence minister Kevan Jones. The tone for both was much warmer.

Naughtie never gets any better.

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