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Friday, 4 September 2009


With Andrew Marr off our screens during August, he had three stand-ins: Huw Edwards, Stephanie Flanders and Sophie Raworth. How did they fare? Were they any less biased that old Marr?
SOPHIE RAWORTH(pictured above with a pleased-looking Jeremy Bowen)

Sophie's appearance on 9th August contained two relevant interviews:
Andrew Lansley, Conservative - 1.2
Hilary Benn, Labour - 0.3
The Lansley interview was on health and public spending (and, of course, cuts), whereas Benn's was bout the 'food revolution'. The sharp disparity in I.C.s does her no credit.


Steph's appearance on 2nd August contained two relevant interviews:
Vince Cable, Lib Dem - 1
Harriet Harman, Labour - 0.7
Please click on the label for the fair Stephanie for my comments on her un-BBC-like interview with St. Vince. The interview with Hattie ranged widely, but was not so strenuous.


Huw's show was on 16th August and contained three relevant interviews:
Michael Gove, Conservative - 1.1
Bob Ainsworth, Labour - 0.9
Caroline Flint, Labour - 0.3
Hard to judge off just three interviews, but it doesn't surprise me that the Gove interview was the toughest.

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