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Wednesday, 2 September 2009


After an uncontroversial showing in July, Posh Ed let himself down badly this month, with a surprisingly aggressive interview with Andrew Lansley (over those comments by Dan Hannan) and a soft interview with Hilary Benn over the 'food revolution'.

Here are Ed's interruption coefficients for August:
Andrew Lansley, Conservative (14/8) 0.9
Steve O'Brien, Conservative (10/8) 0.6
Hilary Benn, Labour (10/8) 0.2
Tony Wright, Labour (10/8) 0
Mike Gapes, Labour (8/8) 0
Margo MacDonald,Independent (24/8) 0
Sir Ming Campbell, Lib Dem (17/8) 0
Lynne Featherstone, Lib Dem (11/8) - 0

Sir Ming got his usual free ride at the BBC! * **************************************************
Average number of interruptions per political party:
Conservatives - 0.8
Labour - 0.1
Lib Dems - 0
The quiet man turns bad boy of bias!

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