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Friday, 4 September 2009


Last night's Newsnight led with the resignation of Labour PPS Eric Joyce over the government's policy on the war in Afghanistan and its treatment of the army. After a report by Matt Prodger, Jeremy Paxman briefly discussed the story (a Labour story!) with our old friend Michael Crick.
Crick's pronouncements were not ones to take exception to, except for a couple of statements about Mr Joyce which could be interpreted as somewhat undermining the man's credibility (echoes of which would be heard in the statements of loyalists like John Spellar MP):
"Well, Eric Joyce is not a big name. PPS is the lowest rank in the government. It's unpaid. Er, you know, most PPSs, most people would never know who they were at all."
"Having said that, Mr Joyce has always been known as, er, a bit of an independent, rather eccentric figure I think."


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