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Monday, 14 September 2009


Maybe Carolyn Quinn has read my paeans to Laura Kuennsberg's impartial presentation style during her absence from Westminster Hour, because she did a good job on the programme's 13 September edition. (Don't worry, I'm not daft enough to think she really has!) Besides the usual 'politics panel' segment, featuring Ed Vaizey (Conservative) and Emily Thornberry (Labour), there was an interview with a left-wing professor on Labour and the trades unions, which was balanced by a double-interview (of similar length) with two members of Conservative think-tanks.
The only package that raised a little concern over bias was the final report from Mandy Baker (pictured here with unfunny, late thirty-something snowboarder Marcus Brigstocke), which looked at the life experiences of prospective MPs at the next general election i.e. have they any beyond politics?
Here's a list of the talking heads. Can you spot an imbalance?
Ronnie Campbell, Labour MP
Lorely Burt, Lib Dem MP
Meg Munn, Labour MP
Professor Byron Criddle
George Eustace, prospective Conservative candidate
Emma Reynolds, prospective Labour candidate
(I'm sure Brigstocke would have approved!)

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