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Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Michael Crick gave a very straight report on the four parliamentarians referred by police to the Crown Prosecution Service (last night's Newsnight). As he had no concrete information on who they are he could only speculate, mentioning the names of the most likely candidates. Who were they? "Perhaps the two most prominent names that crop up are David Chaytor, the Bury MP, and the former minister Elliott Morley. Another name that's often mentioned, Jim Devine, the MP. Baroness Uddin is another name that's often been mentioned." So that's one Labour MP, and a former Labour minister, a Scottish Labour MP and a Labour peer. Would viewers necessarily have known that both David Chaytor and Baroness Uddin were Labour? Shouldn't Michael Crick have told them that? Wouldn't the words 'Tory' and 'Conservative' (particularly the former) have been chucked about like confetti were they Conservative MPs and peers facing criminal investigation? Even the one mention of the word 'Labour' seemed hesitant.

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