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Sunday, 8 November 2009


A couple of weeks ago, the Politics Show: Scotland (hosted by Glenn Campbell) held a debate between the candidates for Scotland's four main political parties for the forthcoming Glasgow North East by-election (the one to replace arch-trougher Speaker Michael Martin, now scandalously ennobled by the Labour government as Baron Martin of Springburn) - SNP, Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats.
Today it featured three short video presentations by some of the minor parties. Which minor parties? Well, firstly the far-left Solidarity (Tommy Sheridan), then the far-left Greens and finally the far-left Scottish Socialist Party. I aha-ed at this, thinking 'That's left-wing bias, if ever I saw it.' At the end came a list of the other candidates who didn't get a spot on the programme, including the BNP, the Jury Team (that admirable brainchild of Sir Paul Judge), a blind chap called Mikey who appeared on Big Brother and a rag-bag of other mysterious names. Why weren't they selected? Were they not left-wing enough?
Well, looking at the programme's website , all the candidates are given a video spot there and those mysterious candidates all turn out to be yet more far-leftists. Frankly, I can't get too worked up about them not getting a spot on the main TV programme, nor the BNP for that matter. It would have been nice to hear from The Jury Team (and maybe even Mikey). Still, democracy is democracy and if three of the nonentities get a place on the TV, why not all of them?*

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