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Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Eddie Mair (of PM fame) continues to plough his own idiosyncratic path. He roasted Lord George Foulkes, badgered Ken Clarke and harried Nick Clegg. His interview with the useless Lord Drayton (who got into a spot of bother over defence procurement) was wonderfully lethal.
These are his I.C.s for October:
07/10 Lord George Foulkes Labour 1.1
12/10 Nick Clegg Lib Dem 1.1
19/10 Ken Clarke Conservative 1
07/10 Eric Joyce Labour 0.7
21/10 George Osborne Conservative 0.7
15/10 Lord Drayton Labour 0.5
22/10 Margaret Hodge Labour 0.5
13/10 Richard Caborn Labour 0.5
20/10 Hilary Benn Labour 0.4
22/10 Dominic Grieve Conservative 0.3
13/10 Harriet Harman Labour 0.2
07/10 Ed Miliband Labour 0
21/10 John Robertson Labour 0
05/10 David Ford Alliance 0
This translates into the following averages for October:

Lib Dems - 1.1
Conservatives - 0.67
Labour - 0.43
Alliance - 0
Looking across all of his 53 interviews since June, we find even more evidence of the man's idiosyncrasy.
SNP (4) - 0.83
Lib Dems (7) - 0.57
Labour (27) - 0.55
Conservatives (15) - 0.36

These are the sort of figures you don't often find from a BBC interviewer!

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  1. There are times that Steady Eddie has a real good go at the incompetent buffoons in government like Lord Drayton and most of them with the military like Des Brown and the latest even more incompetent ex welder minister.
    However lately, since he chaired the Dumbleby QT and did a good job, I feel he has been censored by the bbc, and has become so accommodating that questions are being asked of political leverage by Thompson et al.


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