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Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Viewable on the BBC News Channel and Parliament Channel and on the BBC i-player, The Record Europe is proving to be a particularly bias-prone corner of the Beeb's current affairs output. (See Its host is Shirin Wheeler (daughter of Charles Wheeler).
Here are her figures for October, and (unlike her own figure) they are not a pleasant sight:
11/10 Timothy Kirkhope Conservative 1.5
11/10 Nigel Farage UKIP 0.9
04/10 Syed Kamall Conservative 0.3
25/10 Timothy Kirkhope Conservative 0.2
04/10 Graham Watson Lib Dem 0
11/10 Fiona Hall Lib Dem 0
11/10 Richard Howitt Labour 0
25/10 Stephen Hughes Labour 0
04/10 Arlene McCarthy Labour 0
25/10 Chris Davies Lib Dem 0
18/10 Caroline Lucas Green 0
Only guests from centre-right parties received any interruptions at all. So these are Shirin's averages for October:
UKIP - 0.9
Conservatives - 0.67
Lib Dems - 0
Labour - 0
Greens - 0
Having only just begun to cover the programme when the Euro parliament's new term began, I have only one other interview from the relevant period: a whopping 1.9 scored against (guess who?) Timothy Kirkhope. Her super-averages remain as above except for the Conservative average, which leaps up to 0.98.

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