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Sunday, 29 November 2009


Bias on a single edition of a programme is at its most obvious when there are interviewees from a range of political parties being interviewed by just one interviewer. Such a situation was afforded by today's Politics Show: Scotland, hosted by Glenn Campbell (who now does an occasional stint on Radio 4's PM as well).
The first interviewee was Labour's Susan Deacon, a former Scottish health minister. Glenn did not interrupt her once in 4 minutes 37 seconds (I.C., obviously, of 0).
The closing interviews featured Mike Russell of the SNP and the Labour leader in the Scottish parliament, Iain Gray. Russell was interrupted 4 times, but got 6 minutes 23 seconds of the interview (I.C. of 0.6). Gray was interrupted only twice, but got less time, namely 3 minutes 46 seconds (I.C. of 0.6). The I.C.s here don't quite reflect the intensity of Glenn's interview with Mr Russell (who carried on talking regardless, as at one stage did Glenn Campbell).
In between came the fine Scottish Conservative leader Annabel Goldie. She got 7 minutes 2 seconds of Glenn's precious time but was interrupted no less than 10 times (I.C. of 1.4)!!
It's the usual pattern with this man.

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