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Saturday, 28 November 2009


The blurb on the Today programme website for Tuesday's programme (24/11) runs as follows:
"The main party leaders have been setting out their visions of how to restore growth to the economy after the recession. A report by the left leaning pressure group Compass, criticises the policy of cutting public spending to curtail the recession. The group says gaps in public finances should instead be plugged by tax rises on the richest 10% of society. The report's author Richard Murphy, and a Conservative member of the Treasury Select Committee, Michael Fallon, debate the road to economic recovery."
Justin Webb put the first question to Mr Murphy. His first answer ran to 1 minute 3 seconds, uninterrupted. Mr Fallon's first answer, in contrast, was interrupted after only 22 seconds, and then quibbled with. That's Justin Webb for you!

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