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Friday, 20 November 2009


Counting up the amount of time each of the guests on last night's Question Time got to speak reveals that it was, as it seemed, the Phil Woolas Show. He certainly received the lion's share of Dimbleby's interruptions, but was compensated by being allowed the lion's share (one-third) of the programme!
Total amount of time each guest spoke for - including the time taken by Dimbleby's questions(percentage of total time):
Phil Woolas (Labour) - 15 minutes 19 seconds (33.3%)
Ming Campbell (Lib Dem) - 10 minutes 8 seconds (22.4%)
Clare Short (Left-wing independent) - 8 minutes 19 seconds (18.1%)
Nick Ferrari (Right-wing commentator) - 6 minutes 24 seconds (14.3%)
Chris Grayling (Conservative) - 5 minutes 31 seconds (11.9%)
The combined voices of the Left therefore got 73.8% of the show, whereas the combined voices of the Right got 26.2%.
Woolas had interrupted Chris Grayling at every opportunity throughout the programme and when Mr Grayling interrupted him back for once in crashed Dimbleby with "One at a time please. Don't just argue over each other. Just finish your point..." and allowed Woolas to go on attacking the Conservatives for quite some time.
As Woolas was about to push his percentage up even further, Dimbleby finally called time: "Our time is up Phil. I'm sorry, you've had many chances to speak." I should say he had!!!

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