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Thursday, 26 November 2009


Attacks on the Tories and nuclear energy were to the fore on last night's Newsnight. beginning with
Phillip Blond, 'the Red Tory', was the subject of the latest Conservative-focused report from Michael Crick. Being yet again about the Conservatives (or Tories, as they are known), it had all Crick's usual tricksy mannerisms and that contemptuous tone of voice he affects when talking about the Tories. (Does he talk in his sleep about them too? 'David Cameron...zzz...a disgrace...zzz....all Tories should be strung up...zzz...George Osborne...zzz...Gordon, you're great...zzz...Lord Ashcroft...zzz'). Crick's report featured Mr Blond himself, as well as Iain Dale. Also appearing were Sunder Katwala of the Fabian Society and Neal Lawson of the left-wing think-tank Compass. This is fair enough, especially as they were further balanced by the post-Crick discussion between Jeremy Paxman, Danny Finkelstein and John Redwood. Still, Crick was up to his old trick of stirring things up: "But could Cameron soon find Blond a dangerous loose-cannon, Blond's hostility to gay marriage and adoption won't sit easily with David Cameron's support for gay rights." Michael Crick would prosper in Putin's Russia, as his attention and criticism is mostly directed at the opposition rather than the government of the day.
Meanwhile, the programme's absurd and smug 'ethical man' Justin Rowlatt was in Finland (presumably having cycled there to keep his carbon footprint low), highlighting the cost and danger of nuclear power.
Same old same old.

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