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Monday, 2 November 2009


On 9th October tasty Jo Coburn (Andrew Neil’s usual Thursday sidekick on The Daily Politics) conducted one of the month’s most flagrantly biased interviews when she discussed cuts, inheritance tax and jobs with Conservative Justine Greening and Labour’s Geoffrey Robinson. For all the gory details, please click this link:

Here are Jo’s interruption coefficients for the month as a whole:

09/10 Justine Greening Conservative 2.8
09/10 Geoffrey Robinson Labour 0.9
23/10 James Gray Conservative 0.8
23/10 Phil Woolas Labour 0.8
15/10 Gerry Keating Lib Dem 0.5
29/10 Chris Huhne Lib Dem 0.3
15/10 Katy Clark Labour 0

Her averages for each political party for October work out as follows:

Conservative - 1.8
Labour - 0.6
Lib Dem - 0.4

Throughout the five month period I’ve been covering Jo has conducted very few other interviews. Add those in and these (for a total of 10 interviews) are her overall averages for the whole period:

Conservative (4) - 1.13
Labour (4) - 0.48
Lib Dem (2) -0.4

Jo Coburn has, until this month, tended to sit next to Andrew Neil throughout the programme, listening and laughing at his jokes, while wandering down from time to time to present a piece in front of some of the programme’s silly graphics. Given that, the sample is not yet really large enough to form a sufficiently powerful case against her, despite a very strong suggest of anti-Tory bias. If she goes on achieving these sort of sharply contrasting scores though I will be pronouncing a ‘guilty’ verdict on her before very long.

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