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Friday, 20 November 2009


Sorry, but it's back to him again!
When Gavin Esler said in the programme's introduction that "The Tory MP in charge of helping to fix the expenses scandal, David Curry, is forced to quit after revelations about this own arrangements", I immediately thought to myself, "Aahh, I bet that will be one for Michael Crick." Of course, it was!
The story (in the Telegraph) involves claims for a cottage where Curry was not living, allegedly, due to his wife's demands that he move out after he was caught having an affair with a local headmistress. Now that's a story for Michael Crick to come onto Newsnight and crow about if ever there was one! And crow he certainly did: "But it's hugely embarrassing this." "That he's had to step down after a few weeks isn't just embarrassing for the Conservatives - although he's not a very mainstream Conservative, he's very pro-European - but embarrassing to MPs and parliament as a whole."
As for the other main story in the Telegraph and most other papers - Harriet Harman 's prosecution for allegedly crashing into another car while using a mobile phone (a crime under legislation passed while she was Solicitor General!) - that was not mentioned by Michael Crick. What a surprise! I'd have thought the story was 'hugely embarrassing, not just for her but for the Labour Party.' It flashed by (in about 10 seconds) during Gavin Esler's brief news summary before the final features. Also flashing by were the latest appalling government borrowing figures - which are naturally far less important for a BBC political editor to talk about than a scandalous Tory!!
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