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Sunday, 8 November 2009


This morning's Andrew Marr Show was less infuriating than usual. Naturally much of it was given over to the subject of the Afghan War & this gave it a somewhat different tone. I think it's safe to say that Marr is opposed to our involvement in the Afghan War, as his questions over many months have tended overwhelmingly to come from that particular stance - and today's interview with Sir Jock Stirrup was no exception. During the paper review, he was 'mmm'-ing and nodding his head at much of what Kate Hoey had to say on the need for opponents of the war to overcome their fear and speak out, and joined her in praising the Independent's 'yes, very' experienced anti-war correspondent Patrick Cockburn. There was much less 'mmm'ing when she went on to praise Christopher Booker of the Sunday Telegraph and his view that politicians need to be honest about the fact that we are in a European federal superstate. (Hurray for Kate Hoey!)
His big political interview was with William Hague, and this was far less aggressive than those with David Cameron or Liam Fox (to mention but two other recent Tory guests). The opening section dealt with Afghanistan (3 interruptions), then moved on to Europe (10 interruptions), followed by Sir Ian Kennedy and MPs' expenses (1 interruption) and finally - and for no reasons of topicality whatsoever, but only because it's a Labour/Guardian/BBC obsession - the tax affairs of Lord Ashcroft (which quickly garnered 5 more interruptions) . The resultant I.C. was 1.3.
I was all agog to hear what Sir Michael Caine had to say about the recently reported announcement that he was switching from Labour to the Conservatives at the next election: ( In a strange turn of events, Andrew Marr did not ask him about that. I wonder why, as he's usually so willing to talk politics with his (left-wing) celebrity guests.

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