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Sunday, 1 November 2009


Further to all my posts from yesterday, a complaint has now been sent to the BBC. I have waited until I had a large enough sample of interviews to give my findings sufficient punch.
Perhaps more usefully, I've e-mailed a number of politicians (those most likely to be interested in the findings), as well as various Conservative- and UKIP-related organisations. I've outlined my most damning results and sent them my (very) full spreadsheet.
What will happen next?

If, as I suspect, an inadequate response comes from the institutionally-biased BBC, a long letter to Sir Michael Lyons will be my next step, & e-mails to various journalists and other politicians.

Now I'm off to watch Andrew Marr and Jon Sopel.


  1. Excellent news Craig. I really hope your evidence does wake up some politicians and the press and gets them to do something about the Labour bias.

    However I can't see the BBC doing anything about it though, although I predict that if Labour do get kicked out of power in 2010, at that precise moment the BBC will decide that they should give much more airtime to opposition parties and less to the Government! At the same time they will also start to scrutinise Government actions in much more detail.

  2. I hope you don't mind, Craig but I actually emailed the BBC with a complaint based on your findings before you did! I was so pissed off at your clear-as-day conclusion that I fired off an email on the spur of the moment. Haven't hard anything back yet but I'm looking forward to seeing how they attempt to fob me off.

  3. No, that's absolutely fine by me!

    If past experience is anything to go by, the BBC won't reply any time soon, so don't expect anything for a few days. It seems to take about a fortnight (if a reply comes at all). I guess that's because the BBC gets LOTS of complaints!

    If you complain - as most people do - about a single edition of a single programme, and generalise from that, the BBC's reply usually argues that things balance out over time. They say that, even if a single edition of a programme seems biased (which they usually deny), look at that programme over a long period of time and you will see that it isn't biased after all. They CAN'T argue that this time!

    As you say, it's going to be fascinating to see what they DO say to us.


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