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Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Shaun Ley's World at One began by discussing the Chinese execution of Mr Shaikh. The BBC's eternal bias towards the Liberal-Left was much in evidence here, as Shaun turned for 'expert advice' to two Liberal-Lefties. First there was Jonathan Fenby, former editor of The Observer, and previously an editor at both The Guardian and The Independent. (He only needs The New Statesman & he'll have a full house!). Joining him was the omnipresent (though not omniscient) Will Hutton, another former editor of The Observer. Both doubtless know a lot about China but surely lots of right-of-centre (or just 'centre') people also know a thing or two about that vast empire and might be consulted on the subject by the BBC. (Ask Amir Taheri though whether a deep knowledge of a country/region helps you get a regular invite to appear on the BBC if you're not a Liberal-Leftie!!)

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