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Saturday, 5 December 2009


We all know, because the BBC has been telling us for so long that it's the case, that bankers are solely responsible for all the world's economic woes. With the nodding heads of John McFall and Vince Cable for support, they have convinced us to absolve the government of the UK in particular of any responsibility for the credit crunch or the subsequent recession. They very rarely ask why the UK recession has been so harsh and whether throwing money around like confetti in the belief that the good times would last forever, as Gordon Brown did for most of his ten years as chancellor, might just mean that we have are now pretty much skint as a nation. No, just blame the bankers for everything!
As an example of bias interviewing on this issue just take Thursday's The World Tonight where the opening section dwelt on the subject again, beginning with an anti-banker interviewee, Labour's John Mann, then featuring a pro-banker interviewee, Owen Kelly of Scottish Financial Enterprise. Fair enough, but Mr Mann was allowed to talk without being interrupted (giving three long answers - 41 secs, 59 secs and 55 secs respectively), whereas exactly 14 seconds after Mr Kelly had begun his first answer Robin Lustig interrupted in a hostile fashion. Fair? Hardly.

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