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Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Away from the subject of BBC bias (so far) but I can't help spreading the remarkable news that John Prescott has been made a Professor of Climate Change by Xiamen University (or, in other words, by the Chinese government)!
Professor Prescott!!!!!
Is this a draft of his first lecture to those poor Chinese students?
This 'ere theory by that Man..Milosevic...Milankovitch...theorised that, as
Gordon Brown also said in that excellent speech he made when he spoke the other
year at Copencabana, so far as I can tell, that the Earth's axle completes one
full cycle every 26 years...and 26 years ago Mrs Thatcher was in power and them
Tories, what do they know about climate change?, they caused it, I'm the EU reportage on climate change by the way, I know what I'm talking about, but them Tories, what do they know?...anyway back to that Melonkobits guy, he showed that the earth moves (Pauline says I make the earth move for her)...and so does the climate, every 26 years, and he was a maths guy so he should know what he's talking about too.

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