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Saturday, 5 December 2009


Last night's Newsnight saw the return of Labour's John Mann. (He's beginning to give John McFall a good run for his money). He was discussing Labour's class war tactics against the Tories (as outlined in the preceding report by ex-Trotskyite Paul Mason) with Conservative David Gauke. Martha Kearney interrupted neither of them (I.C.s of 0 all round), but note that whereas Mr Mann got 3 minutes and 27 seconds-worth of the slot, Mr Gauke only got 1 minute 53 seconds. That's partly because he gave shorter answers than Mr Mann, but also because he was allowed fewer 'goes' than Mr Mann. The latter, indeed, got both the first and the last word.
This edition was also notable for an unedifying but revealing exchange between two absolute charmers on the subject of Climategate, as 'moderated' by Martha: Andrew Watson of East Anglia University (I.C. of 0.6) and Marc Morano, a leading American sceptic (I.C. of 2.5). We are now hearing from sceptics, which is only right and proper. I note that Bjorn Lomberg was on yesterday's World at One, along with Ed Miliband, I.C. of 0 for Shaun Ley. They may be dead wrong (or not), but now at least we can begin to judge for ourselves. (Let's hope the quality of debate improves though!)

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