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Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Last night's The World Tonight featured a sympathetic take on Gordon Brown's year from young Ross Hawkins, spotlighting praise for him from Barack Obama and emphasizing that the expenses scandal hit all parties - though adding that all the best stories were about Labour's political opponents! (What about the bell-tower? Balls's Remembrance Day wreath? Brown's downstairs toilet?).
There were three journalists as 'talking heads', and two of them were pro-Brown - George Parker of The Financial Times and Steve Richards of The Independent. The other was Iain Martin of The Wall Street Journal (Europe). He was not pro-Brown, and young Ross said (after the short clip of him speaking) that Mr Martin's words might sound "harsh". He didn't say later that Mr Richards's words might sound "generous" or "soft" of course!! To my centre-right ears (hope that doesn't conjure up an image of me as a figure in a Picasso painting!), Iain's words didn't sound harsh at all. They sounded spot on! Why did Ross Hawkins cast a critical judgement on the contribution made by a right-of-centre journalist, critical of the Great Leader? Anything to do with BBC bias?

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