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Sunday, 13 December 2009


The main political interviews on The Andrew Marr Show scored identical I.C.s of 1.2. These were for unpleasant schools secretary Ed Balls (on unpleasant form) and entertaining mayor of somewhere-in-the-South Boris Johnson (on sparkling form, stonewalling with aplomb over the question of what he'd have done about bankers' bonuses).
In his introduction Marr promised us Boris and made reference to him and "fellow Etonian David Cameron." Labour and the Labour-supporting-parts-of-the-BBC's class war against the Conservatives was brought up again during the interview, when Marr asked "Do you think there are enough old Etonians at the top of the Conservative Party?". Still, with only a reference to Nancy Mogg to come, the subject was nowhere near as dominant as I was expecting given the pro-Labour sympathies of this particular interviewer. It could have been a lot worse.
The only other feature of the show worth pointing out is the latest appearance - the fifth this year - of left-wing Labour peeress Baroness Helena Kennedy on the paper review (one more than anyone else).
For a little more on this (and some evidence that Andy is something of a hypocrite, please see Guido at

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