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Saturday, 12 December 2009


Last night's Newsnight began with a report from Richard Watson on business students, mainly from South Asia, who are having a tough time of it here during the recession. The issue was discussed with just one guest - Keith Vaz, the Labour stool of the Home Affairs select committee (I.C. of 0 for Martha Kearney). The 'Foxy Knoxy' story followed, featuring an interview with her father, Curt Knox. This was preceded by a report from Peter Marshall, who's only talking head was this blog's old friend Annalisa Piras, the left-wing Italian journalist from L'espresso magazine (who appears regularly on Gavin Esler's liberal love-in, Dateline London). Finally came the obligatory 'climate change' report, with Christian Fraser trying to pretend that any major changes to the Nile Delta must be down to man-made global warming, and that 'something must be done'.
A bog-standard edition of Newsnight then.

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