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Thursday, 24 December 2009


As it's Christmas, and in the spirit of Michael Crick, here's a very short quiz to keep you away from your presents on Christmas Day.
1. One BBC interviewer scored the following contrasting interruption coefficients in a couple of choice double-interviews over the last few months:
29/10 1.4 against William Hague compared to 0.1 against David Miliband
14/12 3.5 against Phillip Hammond compared to 0.4 against Chris Huhne
Was it:
(a) John Humphrys?
(b) Justin Webb?
(c) James Naughtie?
2. A Today presenter went to Denmark in July and lauded its all-encompassing welfare state, saying (among other things) "social provision from cradle to grave - and it works!"
Was it:
(a) John Humphrys?
(b) Justin Webb?
(c) James Naughtie?
3. A BBC reporter complained in May about the media ignoring a court-case concerning Conservative electoral fraud in Slough, adding "In part, I think, it's the mood of the times, where the media dwells upon every misdemeanour by Gordon Brown and his Labour colleagues." This reporter could not be accused of dwelling of any misdemeanours by Gordon Brown and his Labour colleagues, only those of the 'Tories'. Who could this Labour-supporting reporter possibly be?
(a) Ben 'Sony of Tony' Wright?
(b) Michael Crick?
(c) James Naughtie?
4. Michael Crick said that he'd written a letter as a teenager to a newspaper advocating the use of US-style primaries here. To which newspaper did he write?
(a) The Guardian?
(b) The Daily Mail?
(c) The Times?
5. Which BBC presenter, faced with the following poll results,

On which party people trust more to be fair about taxes, it was:
Conservatives 36%
Labour 30%

On which party people trust more to
protect jobs, it was:
Labour 36%
Conservatives 31%

described the first result's 6-point Conservative lead as being "only by a very small margin" but then went on to say that the second result's 5-point Labour lead showed that "people trust Labour much much more when it comes to protecting jobs"!! Was it:
(a) Carolyn Quinn?
(b) Anita Anand?
(c) Jo Coburn?
6. Which party did Michael Crick wrongly discount in the Norwich North by-election?
(a) UKIP?
(b) The Greens?
(c) The Tories (aka Conservatives)?

7. Who did Michael Crick say "has the appearance of the salesman ready to offer you a couple of cut-price bargains from inside his cashmere overcoat"? Was it
(a) Sadiq Khan MP?
(b) Sion Simon MP?
(c) Nigel Farage MEP?
8. Which BBC economics reporter (a regular on The World Tonight) talked up the government and the recovery, worried repeatedly for the public sector, argued that taxation in general is a good thing, argued strongly against easing Inheritance Tax but strongly for further large-scale infrastructure spending, hymned President Lula of Brazil and mistakenly thought that Gladstone was a Tory prime minister? Was it:
(a) Paul Mason?
(b) Jonty Bloom?
(c) Nils Blythe?

The answers lie below this seasonally-apt masterpiece by Brueghel:

1. c
2. c
3. b
4. a
5. c
6. a
7. c
8. b

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