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Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Shaun Ley was reviewing Gordon Brown's year on today's World at One, ignoring the prime minister's disgusting, disingenuous New Year message, which promises of a decade of prosperity if the voters don't ruin it all by voting for the wicked Conservatives. (If that man ever had a moral compass - and I really doubt it now - he lost it years ago).
Shaun recalled the McBride affair in the most bizarre terms imaginably, talking of "the fallout from the resignation of Damien McBride, an advisor accused of smearing Labour politicians on the prime minister's behalf." This is a complete re-write of history. Yes, McBride - and lots of other allies in the Brown bunker - did attack other Labour politicians but they also smeared Conservative politicians, and the wives of Conservative politicians, in the most disgusting way. It's that which hit the headlines. Why did Shaun Ley forget to mention that?

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