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Monday, 28 December 2009


Tonight's PM with Carolyn Quinn began by exploring the story of Akmal Shaikh, the British drug smuggler facing execution in Communist China. The issue was discussed with someone who's "an expert in human rights", Saul Lehrfreund of The Death Penalty Project. This is not an organisation that campaigns for the death penalty, you won't be surprised to hear. Mr Lehrfreund and Carolyn got on like a house on fire.
If you'd expect Carolyn to share Mr Lehhfreund's opposition to the death penalty, you'd also surely expect her not to be in favour of further 'profiling' of terrorist suspects - after all that might risk offending the Muslims (who, for some unfathomable reason, people suspect of being ever so slightly more likely to want to blow up aeroplanes, with people on them). Her line of questioning to Philip Baum, an airline security expert with Green Light Ltd showed that to be a very reasonable expectation.
The ever-entertaining Eric Pickles was up next, love-bombing an unwooable Danny Alexander of the Liberal Democrats. Carolyn interrupted Eric to ask about...guess what?....inheritance tax, then, when the interview ended read out one e-mail from 'a listener' who said he'd never vote Tory because of the "the cruel barbarity of fox, deer and hare hunting".
We then had yet another report about Gaza. Gaza, Gaza, Gaza, day in day out on the BBC. I couldn't care less about Gaza. I'd like to hear about Japan, or Mongolia, or New Zealand, or Tunisia, or Congo, or Canada, or Mexico...anywhere except Gaza. The BBC are obsessed about Israel and the Palestinians.
Eddie Mair (my favourite BBC interviewer, unlike Carolyn Quinn) then continued his series of full-length interviews with retiring MPs. These have all been interesting, with Eddie extracting a fine confession from John Hutton last Tuesday. (Good man John Hutton. He characterised Gordon Brown's prospects as prime minister perfectly, and in the circumstances his swearing was understandable!!). So far though, he's talked to Labour's John Hutton (last Tuesday), Labour's Bob Marshall-Andrews (last Thursday) and Independent Labour MP Clare Short (today). Hopefully, PM's producers will set Eddie up with a few retiring Conservative MPs later. (If not, why not?)


  1. Is this the same Carolyn Quinn who was, until recently, BBC " Paris Correspondent ", then moved , laughably, to " Defence Correspondent" ?

    Now seems she is on a new job. These BBC journalists are so brilliant at
    "multi-tasking" !

  2. Hare-Coursing is a very "working class" pursuit and so not targetted by Labour. Hypocrisy ...??

  3. Grant, I think you mean Caroline Wyatt - the one with the VERY deep voice (and compensatory long, flowing hair).

    I remember Caroline Wyatt (when Paris Correspondent) saying live on air - I think on election day itself - that she thought it would be wonderful if the Socialist candidate, Segolene Royal, won the 2007 French presidential election. She wanted France to have her first female head of state. (That she'd have been a socialist head of state too would surely have been a very happy coincidence for Ms Wyatt!) That wasn't even remotely impartial reporting. Sarko and the French people let her down though. Good!

  4. Philip Baum was very professional, and soon showed the odious Quinn what security was all about - she was not too happy.
    Danny Alexander (who?) epitomized why the LibDems should never be allowed to get into power. Their arrogance, and lack of knowledge and diplomacy is, and his was, breathtaking. Quinn of course gave him an easy ride, but on their lack of performance in Devon and Cornwall he displayed crass negativity.

  5. Craig,

    Yes , you are right, I meant Caroline Wyatt, apologies, to the other Caroline.
    No excuse , except that I am snowed up in deepest Perthshire with only a small wine cellar, some whisky and a laptop to keep me company !

  6. Don't think about it Grant. And there's certainly no need to apologise to Carolyn Quinn, Radio 4's most biased female presenter.
    No snow here in Morecambe, but plenty of wine and port (I never realised till this year how much I liked (free) port!) - the spirit of which will, I don't doubt, be influencing some of my latest posts!!

  7. Craig,
    I am all in favour of free ports in every sense.
    I have been to Morecambe as , to my horror, some of my Scottish ancestors married Lancastrians.
    Will not get too vexed by Carolines, however spelt, and wish you Happy New Year .
    I hope to contribute to your blog in a more substantive way this year.
    Keep up the good work.

  8. Thanks for that Grant.
    Some of my Lancastrian ancestors married Scots! Still at least they never married anyone born to the south of Blackpool.


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