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Sunday, 27 December 2009


Today's The World This Weekend featured a post-Christmas blow-out with three old blowhards - Michael Howard, Ming Campbell and Lord Neil Kinnock. Shaun Ley scored interruption coefficients of 0.7, 0.8 and 0.2 respectively against these three ex party-leaders (and weren't they all great successes?!).
There's not much concerning BBC bias here, but Kinnock's pomposity and clapped-out rhetoric certainly needs a fresh knocking, with its cliches, its repetitions, its bizarrely-placed stresses. Also, being an ex-Eurolord, he shamelessly bracketed UKIP with the BNP. Saying that "the only real gainers from that election (ie. June 2009) were the far right", he complained about the democratic legitimacy given to "prejudice and the BNP and to a degree by UKIP." Shouldn't Shaun Ley have challenged that smear against UKIP?
Kinnock, following Sir Ming's lead, also attacked blogs, saying "Really all of the blogs should carry health warnings." I agree. What about "This blog risks seriously criticising failed Labour leader, worse-than-useless Eurorogue, & all-round pompous goon Lord Neil Kinnock whenever it gets the chance"?
Incidentally, why was Kinnock's turkey anything but dry this Christmas? Because he still had so much gravy left over from the time he was a EU commissioner. Boom, boom!


  1. The bbc have decided in their wisdom to inflict the Loony Welsh Windbag on us with radio 4 with his old trusty stalwart Jimmy Naughty.
    If only the bbc would monitor their radio output to show that when Kinnock comes on radios' throughout the nation switch off.
    Mine did.
    Also wonderful to hear the comedy act on radio 4 sending up the Toady Programme with John Tweedledum and Jim Tweedledee, which was good in spite of it being the first session.
    Humphries and Naughty were definately not amused when the advert for the programme came up near the end of their programme last week.
    Could it be the bbc are listening to their audience? Perish the thought.

  2. This blog should carry a health warning !


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