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Thursday, 10 December 2009


Today's Daily Politics ran a quiz on the latest MPs' expenses revelations. There were three questions.
Question 1
"Did Jackie (sic) Smith bill us:
(a) £611 for a replacement double bed?
(b) £244 for a DVD player?
(c) £555 for a new television?"
Answer: All of the above.
Question 2
"Who claimed for three garlic peelers?
(a) Tony McNulty
(b) James Arbuthnot
(c) David Cameron"
Answer: Conservative MP James Arbuthnot
Question 3
"Who claimed for the fitting of two tiled cartoons to their bathroom?
(a) Liam Byrne
(b) Lembik Opik
(c) Ken Clarke"
Answer: Conservative MP Ken Clarke.
Fancy that, two Conservative MPs fingered as troughers, one Labour MP and no Lib Dems!! Note also that the 'D.P.' team put Cameron up as an option, but not Brown or Clegg.
Here are some other questions the programme might have asked. See how you fare!
Unasked question 1
"Who claimed £2,700 to redecorate his downstairs toilet?"
(a) Douglas Hogg
(b) Chris Huhne
(c) Gordon Brown"
(Answer at the bottom of the post!)
Unasked question 2
"Who claimed £105 for a chimney sweep?
(a) Sir Peter Viggars
(b) Douglas Alexander
(c)Yvette Cooper"
(Answer at the bottom of the post!)
Unasked question 3
"Who claimed over £1,000 on a water cooler?
(a) Nick Clegg
(b) Tim Yeo
(c) Ed Miliband?"
(Answer at the bottom of the post!)
While you're working these out, here's a picture of a bell tower - surely the new symbol of the Expenses Scandal!
Bonus question. Some swine claimed £20,700 of our hard-earned money to rebuild his bell tower. Was it:
(a) Labour toff Quentin Davies?
(b) Labour toff Harriet Harman?
(c) Labour plutocrat Shaun Woodward?

Unasked question 1: Gordon Brown
Unasked question 2: Douglas Alexander
Unasked question 3: Ed Miliband
Bonus question: Labour toff Quentin Davies


  1. Yes, spot on. I was surprised that the BBC highlighted the odious Quentin Davies on their website. After all, he is a NuLab Minister but......

  2. On 'The Daily Politics' (as the story was breaking) James Landale was very discreet about Quentin Davies, choosing NOT to 'out' him as the bell-tower MP, saying that it wouldn't be fair to do so until Mr Davies had been contacted and allowed to respond - which is fair enough. Landale's discretion ran a lot deeper though. He refused even to name the party (Labour) of the mysterious MP in question. I'm not sure that courtesy would have been extended to an errant Conservative MP!


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