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Thursday, 31 December 2009


My favourite blogger Not a Sheep has published a list of predictions for 2010 & it makes for gloomy reading:
His whole list is essential reading, but here are his five festive predictions for the BBC:
1. The BBC will become ever more blatantly biased in favour of the Labour party, the Conservatives won't realise how serious this is.
2. The tone of the BBC's leader's debate will be clearly pro-Labour, the Conservatives won't realise how serious this is.
3. The BBC will minimise their coverage of the postal voting scandal (see above), the Conservatives will finally realise how serious BBC bias is but it is too late.
4. The BBC will continue to push for the withdrawal of armed forces from Afghanistan.
5. The BBC will continue to vilify Israel at every opportunity and revel in the coming war against Israel.
My main New Year's resolution is to use every scrap of what I've gathered here to try and help avert the horrors Not a Sheep predicts (those in his whole list of predictions, not just the BBC-related ones). I will e-mail anyone and everyone I think might be willing and able to do something to prevent the BBC from swinging the election towards Gordon Brown and his Labour government (politicians, journalists etc. Any further ideas will be gratefully received!). The general election is surely five months away. The time has come for further and much stronger action.
My I.C. list for December will follow tomorrow (as PM and The World Tonight are still to come) - hangover permitting!!
Happy New Year to you all, & let's hope everything works out better than we can hope!!

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  1. Many thanks and count me in for helping with preventing the BBC from ensuring a Labour victory; I hope we can make a difference...


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